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Welcome to Laws of Knitting!

You will be learning how to knit through the written word, pictures and everyone’s favorite… videos. If you have any questions along the way please feel free to contact me through my blog, posting on my Facebook page, tweeting through Twitter or add me to your circle on Google+.

There is really only three things you will need to start to learn to knit.

1. A pair of knitting needles.

2. A ball of yarn.

3. patience.

If you look around your house you will find lots of things to use as knitting needles and/or yarn. I was at a friends house in the UP of Michigan. I taught her how to knit with two sharpened pencils and a ball of string. So, don’t wait to go to your local yarn shop to pick up needles and yarn before proceeding, just look around you. I’m all for patronizing your local yarn shop, but you don’t need to put off learning to knit just because you don’t have any knitting needles and yarn at this very moment.

A lot of new knitters get all caught up in worrying about what size needles they should use, what gauge (more on gauge later) or color of yarn they should learn with. I am sure there are lots of scientific theories and schools of thought to answer that question. But I say, IT IS YARN! You are going to learn to knit, not learn how to perform CPR (although you should, but that is another website)!

*On second thought, don’t use any fuzzy or other type of novelty yarn to learn. It is just not that easy to see the stitches when you are first learning if you use that type of yarn.

So find a well lit room, comfy chair, knitting needles and a color of yarn that makes you happy. Green does it for me, but that’s just me.

Let’s both take a deep breath and… begin.


There are many ways to cast on before beginning to knit. I am going to teach my most frequently used CO method. It’s both strong and flexible. However, you can view a few other CO methods by clicking on the video tab in the menu bar.  Learn the Long Tail CO.


Once you cast stitches onto your needle, you can start to knit. The English Method of knitting is when the knitter holds the yarn in the right hand and wraps or “throws’ the yarn around the right needle to make the stitch. The Continental Method of knitting is when the knitter holds the yarn in the left hand. Practice with both methods and you will soon find out which one you prefer. Becoming comfortable using both will come in handy later on. Learn to Knit.


The purl stitch is the reverse of the knit stitch. Learning these three basic knitting skills will open your unlimited knitting possibilities.  Learn to Purl.

I have found knitting to be one of my primary ways to relax. My love for knitting is shared with my passion for books. Along with learning how to knit you will be able to check out my favorite knitting books along with my personal book reviews.

Kittens & Yarn…They just go together!

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  1. gwendoline king says:

    Just joined Facebook a few hours ago,regards Gwendoline.

  2. Jane says:

    Just finished….. a pair of Katie’s Cabled Fingerless Gloves. Loved knitting cables, it keeps your hands even more busy!!! Thanks Joan for a fun pattern.

    • Joanie says:

      You are awesome Jane. Glad you enjoyed knitting the gloves. Don’t forget to send me a picture to put up on Facebook.

  3. Gwendoline King says:

    Like the kitties vs Yarn video very funny!

  4. Twyla says:

    Saw someone wearing Brooklyn mitts. Do you have a pattern for knitting not crochet?

    • Joanie says:

      Hi, I do not know what Brooklyn mitts look like. I think I saw a pair on Etsy or Pinterest (but not totally sure). Do you have a photo of a pair? I know I have never written a pattern for them.

  5. Jackie says:

    Joanie So confused. Doing the Bee stitch and confused what multiples I have to cast on with. Hope You can help At my wits end. New to all of this . Jackie

    • Joanie says:

      Hi Jackie, What are you referring to? The “Bee Stitch”??? I don’t know what you are trying to tell me. Sorry.

      • Jackie says:

        WS Knit
        K1, (K1B,K1)
        K1B (K1,K1B) Knit 2 stitches
        This Is the only way to show you sorry. Learned the stitch on ehow. Say a baby blanket with this stitch and liked it. Thank You Again

        • Jackie says:

          Maybe multiples of 5 ?

          • Jackie says:

            Thank You !!!

          • Joanie says:

            Hi Jackie, I am thinking it is a multiple of 2 because of the inst. in the brackets. Go to my “Contact Me” page and send me a link to the pattern. I can give you my personal email address there as well and we can get you thru this.

  6. Jackie says:

    Joanie Going to try and do that tomorrow. Have to get help to figure out how to take it from my downloads and send. Also the blanket says cast on 95 stitches with 4 stitches for border ? Cant be correct ? Crazy Thank You Again Jackie Will try and send soon !!

    • Jackie says:

      Hello Again Joanie Well I think I have figured it out . Have been knittng a small swatch and it could possibly be 7. As long as I have you here. When doing a edge on something do you prefer to drop the first stitch ? purl the last ? knit from the bach last stitch? What is your preference. Also looking for a nice smooth edge. Knew at this and looking for improvement. Thank You Again Joanie. Jackie

      • Joanie says:

        Hi Jackie, I tried to email you with the email I have for you on my Laws Of Knitting database, but I got it back undeliverable. So I will post my email to you here: Hi Jackie,
        Regarding your question: “When doing a edge on something do you prefer to drop the first stitch ? purl the last ? knit from the bach last stitch? What is your preference” Also looking for a nice smooth edge.~
        That is a really hard question to answer… It totally depends on what I am designing. Just stick with the edge that your pattern gives you.

        You mentioned this: “Also the blanket says cast on 95 stitches with 4 stitches for border ? Cant be correct” ~
        What they mean is the first and last 4 sts will remain the same. Like I did on my “Box Stitch Preemie Baby Blanket” – the first and last 3 sts are knit and they are always knit through out the pattern – that gives the blanket a clean smooth edge.

        I don’t think I would be able to talk you thru how to send me the pattern via email.
        Can you tell me the name of the pattern and the web site you found it on and I will try and find it and download it to my computer. I think I could help you a lot more if I had the pattern in front of me.

        Chat soon,

        • Jackie says:

          Hi Joanie Thank you for your help. I went with 7. Cast on 179 stitches 18 for the border. Well I knitted 22 rows and took it all out. After all that I didnt like the pattern after all. Oh Well , I will try a different pattern . Thank You Again. Jackie

          • Joanie says:

            Hi Jackie,
            Been there, done that! lol
            Keep me posted on what you start knitting now. :)

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